Dr Ellie Walker FRCA

Perioperative Research Fellow, UCL/UCLH Surgical Outcomes Research Centre
NIAA Health Services Research Centre Trainee Lead, SNAP-1

Ellie Walker

Ellie is an anaesthetic registrar in the North Central School of Anaesthesia. She graduated from Edinburgh University in 2005 and spent 18 months working in Australia before coming to London to start my anaesthetic training in 2009. As an ST5 she spent a year as a Health Services Research fellow with the UCL/UCLH Surgical Outcomes Research Centre and was the trainee lead for the first Sprint National Anaesthesia Project (SNAP-1) (http://www.niaa-hsrc.org.uk/SNAPs). Following directly on from the work with SNAP-1 she is currently taking time out of clinical training to undertake an MD (Res) at UCL concerned with patient reported outcomes after anaesthesia.