Current Projects

Our current core projects include:

  • In conjunction with the NIAA-HSRC
    • The Sprint National Anaesthesia Projects
    • SNAP-1 - Patient reported outcome after anaesthesia
    • SNAP-2 - EPIdemiology of Critical Care after Surgery (EPICCS)

  • Local cohort studies: patients undergoing major non-cardiac surgery have risk and outcome data measured and analysed with the aim of assessing the validity of risk prediction methods (both modelling and clinical measures of functional capacity such as exercise testing) and improving quality of care

  • We are working with international collaborators and the NIAA-HSRC on the COMET-COMPAC and STEP initiatives to develop a core outcome set and standardised endpoints for clinical trials in perioperative medicine. This project is being lead by Dr Olly Boney

  • We have developed an online learning resource for Improvement Science in Perioperative Care - the PRISM website. This project is being led by Dr Maria Chazapi