Future Projects

  • In collaboration with the NIAA-HSRC, we are in set-up for a national Perioperative Quality Improvement Programme (www.health.org.uk)

  • In conjunction with the NIAA-HSRC, SNAP-2 (EPIdemiology of Critical Care after Surgery - EPICCS) will take place in 2016 and will answer the following principle research questions in a one-week observational cohort study:
    • How do clinicians determine the risk of postoperative mortality in clinical practice?
    • Do previously validated risk stratification tools accurately predict postoperative mortality?
    • On what basis do clinicians refer patients for planned postoperative critical care?
    • What factors influence whether patients actually receive planned postoperative critical care? (e.g. bed availability)
    • Does immediate critical care admission reduce postoperative mortality (90 day and 1 year) and length of hospital stay (as a surrogate of complications)?

      The final question will be addressed through propensity score matching and instrumental variable analysis.

      PI Dr Ramani Moonesinghe; Trainee lead Dr Danny Wong